Published papers

Cilliers, Dube, and Siddiqi. “Reconciling after Civil Conflict Increases Social Capital but Decreases Individual Wellbeing” Science. 352.6287 (2016): 787-794.

Link to academic paper, policy brief, blog post, and replication files.

Cilliers, Dube, and Siddiqi. “The White-Man Effect: How Foreigner Presence Affects Behavior in Experiments.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,. 118 (2015): 397-414.

Link to paper and blog post

Baum, D. & Cilliers, J. “Private schools vouchers for expanding secondary school access? The case of Tanzania.” International Journal of Educational Management. In press.

Cilliers, Kasirye, Leaver, Serneels, and Zeitlin. 2018 “Pay for locally monitored performance? A welfare analysis for attendance in Ugandan primary schools”. Journal of Public Economics In press.

Link to paper, policy brief, blog post, and replication files.

Working papers

Cilliers, Fleish, Prinsloo, and Taylo. “How to improve teaching practice? Experimental comparison of centralized training and in-classroom coaching.” Under review.

A draft is available here.

Cilliers, Leaver, and Zeitlin. “Who should monitor the (school) monitors? Theory and evidence from a community monitoring experiment in Ugandan primary schools.”

Cilliers, Mbiti, and Zeitlin. “Accountability, information, and school performance: Evidence from the Big Results Now reform in Tanzania”

Future research

“School inspections with motivated bureaucrats.” With Habyarimana, J. and Mbiti, I
£4.2m from Department for International Development (DFID)

Leveraging mobile technology to increase financial inclusion in East Africa.” With Jack, W.
$3.5m from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Exit Survey (photo courtesy of intern Jeff Steinberg)
Exit Survey (photo courtesy of intern Jeff Steinberg)